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credit card holder for all phones
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Magic Sticky Pad Anti-Slip Mat for Phone/small things 
Product's characters:
This product is made from high polymerization elastic material which is degradable in soil.
It does not use any kind of adhesive or magnet. 
Thus, this is a non-polluting and
environment-friendly prosuct.
It is super absorbing, high temperature resistance
(-50'C to 200'C), non-deformation, non-toxic,
aging resistance and recyclable.
It is compatible with any surfaces but not recommended used on any lacquered finish or painted surface(the surface layer may peels off).
It 'grasps' any small things, like mobile phone, PDA, MP3, sunglasses, paper, coins, lighter, cards, CD box... but won't cause damage.
It is washable and reusable. It does reduce absorbing when getting dirty with dusts.
Don't worry, just rinse off with clean water.
It recovers absorbing when it's dry
(recommend wash once a week).